Corporate Entertainment Pipe Band & Beating The Retreat

Glencorse Pipe Band regularly provide solo pipers, mini bands or the full band for various business events.

Typical occasions where a pipe band may be required include:

Welcoming clients, colleagues etc to your premises, event, or even at the airport

Glencorse Pipe Band is dedicated to providing you a highly professional service, and look forward to working with you and your company.

Beat The Retreat

Glencorse Pipe Band have numerous years experience of "Beating Retreat" at various locations across the world from castles to stately homes. Beating the retreat is an ideal way to finish a large banquet, conference or corporate event. It signals an impressive end to the days schedule, and leaves your attendees with a memory of Scotland that they'll never forget
We can provide you with a completely tailored pipe band experience, from a single piper or small mini band to a large full sized band, contact  us & we'll tailor a package to your needs.

Although the "Beating Retreat" is purely a ceremonial occasion these days, its origins are founded in military routine of the past. In the sixteenth century the drum was a means of battlefield communications.

The Beating of Retreat developed into an event in routine barrack life. After the bugle superceded the drum as a method of communication in camp, 'Retreat' came to be sounded daily at sunset. In Scottish Regiments, it became the custom for the Retreat Call "Sunset" to be followed by a single piper playing the Regimental Retreat.
The 'Ceremony of Beating Retreat' denoted the end of the working day and the start of Guard Mounting. It retains this function to this day. Since the formation of pipe bands in the nineteenth century, the Pipes and Drums and Military Bands of Regiments have joined the ceremony to add spectacle, colour and poignancy to an event of ceremonial significance in the lives of all soldiers.

Past Clients

Listed below you will find (in no particular order) a selection of the companies and organisations that Glencorse Pipe Band have had the pleasure of playing for.

Dalmeny House (Beating the Retreat)
Lennoxlove House
(Beating the Retreat)
Lee Evans Live in Scotland (at Edinburgh Playhouse) (comedian)
Lee, accompanied by Glencorse Pipe Band, sings "Suicide" leaving the 3,000 audience cheering and begging for more.
Hopetoun House (Beating the Retreat)
Edinburgh Castle (Beating the Retreat)
Turnberry Hotel (Beating the Retreat)
Balbirnie House Hotel ( Nr Glenrothes) (Beating the Retreat)
Borthwick Castle Hotel (Beating the Retreat)
Oxenfoord Castle (Beating the Retreat)