Piper for funerals and cremations

Glencorse Pipe Band can provide you with a piper to play at burials or cremations throughout central Scotland, at various times according to your preference:

Here are some suggested uses for a piper, but it is entirely up to the client when and where the piper plays.


~ Arrival of the hearse at the crematorium
~ While the coffin is being taken from the hearse and moved into the crematorium
~ When the curtain is drawn /coffin disappears
~ At the end of the service as people leave the crematorium


~ Arrival of the congregation
~ While the coffin is being taken from the church to the hearse
~ Leading the coffin from the hearse to the graveside
~ While the coffin is being lowered into the grave
~ After the coffin has been lowered, the piper can play whilst walking slowly away from the graveside, leaving the sound of the pipes fading into the distance.