Band Repertoire

Glencorse Pipe Band Repertoire 2015-2016


6/8s                                                        6/8s

Jeannie Mauchline                                    Leaving Port Askaig

John D Burgess                                        10th HLI Crossing the Rhine


6/8s                                                        6/8s

PM Donald MacLean of Lewis                        Glendaruel Highlanders

Rab's Wedding                                               Bonnie Dundee

                                                                       Cock of the North




The Jiggernaut                                        

The Fittie Boatman                                        



Major Norman Orr Ewing

72nds Farewell to Aberdeen

Atholl & Breadalbane Gathering

Australian Ladies


Slow Airs

Highland Cathedral

Flower of Scotland

Amazing Grace

Bells of Dunblane


4/4s                                                        4/4s

Scotland the Brave                                     Scotland for Me

Rowan Tree                                                Davie Barnes

Bonnie Galloway                                        Bessie Weatherspoon


3/4s                                                        3/4s

Practice Night at the Cuiken                        Green Hills

Colin's Cattle                                                Battle's O'er

Castle Dangerous                                        Lochanside


Medley 1                                                Medley 2

Glasgow Week in Hamburg                        Sticky Fingers

Mac-N-Irish                                                Bells of Dunblane

Silver Fox                                                    The Timepiece

Shetland Reel                                              Aspen Bank

La Baum                                                      Willie Davey

Wee Buns                                                    High Road to Linton

Pony Gallup                                                Mrs Cath McDonald



Battle of the Somme

Heights of Dargai

Bathgate Highland Games